Understand what drives retention


Retention is the metric that best correlates with revenue and product-market fit. With Pushlytics, you can measure, understand, and increase retention across the customer lifecycle.

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Optimize the features that keep users around

key features

It’s cheaper to retain an existing user than to acquire a new one. Pushlytics lets you measure retention at all stages, then helps you target efforts to make sure new and long-term users continue to get value.

  • Track the three stages of retention (early, mid-term, and long-term)
  • Understand where users drop off, and why
  • Home in on the actions that predict long-term retention

Use data to reduce churn

Reduce churn

Pushlytics gives you useful, actionable data, organized to increase retention and reduce churn. Which cohorts and behaviors correlate with retention? Which features drive repeat engagement? Which actions predict churn, and how can you address them?

  • Isolate the behaviors that correlate to retention, and to churn
  • Run retention experiments and measure their effects
  • Iterate and improve to make your product indispensable

Optimize for retention


Analyze usage patterns

See how different cohorts act in your product. Learn what matters to each one.

Highlight differentiators

Give users an experience they won’t get from your competitors.

Catch customers before they leave

Use behavioral data to prevent churn before it happens.

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