Conversion Rate Optimization


Increase conversion by understanding—with full granularity—what drives conversion and where customers drop out of your funnel.

Use this information to reduce friction in your product and target the customers most likely to convert.

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Optimize the entire customer journey

Better Experiences

Build a better customer experience by optimizing user flows across your site. With Pushlytics you can pinpoint moments of friction, then innovate to fix them and measure your results.

  • Identify unnecessary steps that cause users to drop off, then modify your funnel to remove them
  • Understand what behaviors impact conversion and direct users to them
  • Determine which types of users are more likely to convert, then shape your acquisition strategy accordingly

Group users to increase conversion

Segment users

Does reading reviews or blog posts correlate with higher conversion rates? Which channels bring in customers who convert? What demographic information translates into conversion?

Pushlytics lets you answer these questions and more, so you can market to the users more likely to convert and personalize your in-app experience.

  • Segment users to discover correlations between conversion and demographics, channel, or in-app behaviors
  • Identify the activities that best predict conversion and direct users towards them
  • Uncover unexpected drivers of conversion and unexpected sources of long-term revenue

Use data to increase the bottom line

Use data

Explore your data

Dig through your data—it’s captured automatically!—to find unexpected correlations that hugely increase conversion.

Delight your users

With Pushlytics, you can create a product that provides enormous value, increasing conversion rates across the board.

Be rigorous in your process

Improve conversion by testing, measuring, and repeating. Use user data to refine your efforts.

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