Ensure users experience magic as soon as they enter your product. Identify the behaviors that best predict long-term value, and use data to direct your users to them.

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Find the crucial early actions in your product

Key actions

Every product has key actions that correlate with long-term retention. (Facebook’s “7 friends in 10 days” is an example.) With Pushlytics, you can hone in on this metric, then design your product to swiftly bring people to those actions.

  • Track user data to see which behaviors predict long-term value
  • Isolate your true indicators of adoption
  • Chart your product roadmap with activation in mind

Smooth the path to activation

ELiminate friction

With Pushlytics data, you can learn everything about activation. What did users do before the activation step? What paths lead to it? Which demographics or acquisition channels produce higher activation? Which in-product behaviors most correlate with activation?

With Pushlytics, it’s easy to answer these questions, and to personalize your in-app experience to optimize for different users. You can also use this information to target marketing to users most likely to adopt your product.

  • Analyze activation with extreme granularity – behaviors around it, user segments, most profitable channels
  • Eliminate moments that prevent users from activating in your product
  • Obtain highly predictive data on long-term retention

Use data to get users to your “aha” moments

A Smarter Approach

Enchant your users

The sooner users reach your key activation moments, the more revenue they’ll bring in.

Measure and know

Don’t guess on product changes. Test endlessly, then keep the changes that actually make a difference.

Better allocate resources

When you know which moments draw users in, you can direct resources towards maximizing them.

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