Augment user data with flexibility, to gain a complete view of your customer journey.

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How do Pushlytics work?

Our APIs

Our APIs attach context to events and user information that Pushlytics automatically captures, so you can use autotracked data to answer the questions you care about.

Want to know if a user was “on a free trial” when performing an event? Whether the event created an account? What their job title was? What company they work for? Pushlytics can bring that information in.

Endless Flexibility


A full picture of user behavior

Clicks and pageviews aren’t enough to truly understand your users. With Pushlytics, it’s easy to add relevant context to the data we automatically capture.

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Tie backend data to front-end experience

Customer interactions don’t just happen on your site. Call center conversations, in-store purchases, interactions with your sales team: with Pushlytics, you can make sure this data gets connected to the behaviors you’re tracking on your site or app. 

Stay compliant

Autotrack doesn’t pick up sensitive user data. By augmenting autotrack with your own data, you get the data you need, with zero compliance risk.

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Pushlytics for every Industry

Pushlytics ensure that you have the data you need to answer questions, regardless of the industry you’re in.

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For Retail and E-commerce companies:

Offline or in-store purchase events, customer lifetime value metrics, shopping preferences, location, gender, and more.

For SaaS and Tech companies:

Offline interactions like conversations with sales reps, as well as user properties like job title, department, and location.

For Financial Services companies:

Call center interactions and offline events events like “loan approved,” as well as user properties like account type or loan amount.

For All companies:

Robust information about user properties, so that you can understand who your users are and what they do.

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