A Smarter Approach to Product

Pushlytics offers a smarter way to build digital products. With comprehensive data collection and structured processes, Pushlytics helps Companies understand their users, make data-driven decisions, and craft delightful digital experiences.

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Companies from all over the globe build better products with Pushlytics

Measure Everything, All The Time

Measure everything

Pushlytics gives you a complete dataset of every interaction with your product. Every click. Every tap. Every swipe. There’s no code to implement, and no need to decide in advance what to track.

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Data for Hard Product Decisions

data for decisions

Data is worthless if it doesn’t help you make better decisions. Pushlytics is built to answer the hard questions: What to build? How are people using our features? How to measure impact?

Pushlytics tells you how people use your product. Where users get stuck. What features they love. What features they don’t.

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Improve the Customer Journey (AARRR)

improve AARRR

Pushlytics helps you improve every part of the customer journey: activation, acquisition, retention, revenue, and referral

  • Quickly get users to your “Aha” moments
  • Analyze funnels to reduce moments of friction
  • Improve Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) across your user base
  • Segment users by behavior to personalize their experience

The era of track(‘event’) is over

For years, analytics vendors required writing track(‘event’) for each interaction. Pushlytics eliminates this requirement, autotracking a complete customer dataset and letting you model it any way you need

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Mobile + Web

Pushlytics automatically merges web and mobile visits into a single user identity. No more manually assembling information.

Robust integrations

Import data from Mobile + Web. Combine it with State-Of-The-Art Technology (Pushlytics) and easily output—via managed ELT data warehouses.

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Pushlytics - The Answer


What’s the best way to improve your product? At Pushlytics, we believe the answer is to ask questions! Be scientific! Ask questions, figure out how to answer them, and repeat. Do this and you’ll learn everything about your product.

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